‘Profiles in Digital Scholarship’

Screen capture of the "Profiles in Digital Scholarship & Publishing: Justin Hodgson" page of the journal Xchanges.

Last winter I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Elizabeth Barnett for a “Profiles in Digital Scholarship” piece in Xchanges: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Technical Communication, Rhetoric, and Writing Across the Curriculum. The conversation drifted widely, from my work with TheJUMP+ and the importance of multimedia work for undergraduates to my work on post-digital rhetoric and the (then forthcoming) release of my book, Post-Digital Rhetoric & The New Aesthetic. We also touched on Gregory L. Ulmer’s work on electracy (which had a major impact on my scholarship early in my career), the human-technology relationship, multimodal composition, and the challenges digital publishers face. That full interview came out back in January and is presented as a mix of a transcript of the conversation (Q&A style) with small video clips of the interview embedded throughout. It was a really enjoyable conversation and Julianne Newmark and her team atXchanges did a great job of working through the content, following up with me on a few peculiarities, and making sure I was comfortable with the way the piece (and my responses) were being represented. If you get a chance, check out the full interview here: http://www.xchanges.org/profiles-in-digital-scholarship-publishing?page=5

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