Justin Hodgson

Justin Hodgson is an Associate Professor of Digital Rhetoric in the English Department at Indiana University, the Founding Editor of The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects (, and an Adobe Digital Literacy Thought Leader. For the better part of 15 years, Dr. Hodgson’s work has explored the intersections of rhetorical studies, digital learning and digital pedagogy, play and game theory, and art and aesthetics. He has produced a variety of digital media artifacts as scholarship, published a number of articles on experimental course designs and approaches, and his most recent work, Post-Digital Rhetoric and The New Aesthetic (OSUP, March 2019)uses a contemporary aesthetic phenomena to offer a set of inventive guides for knowing, doing, and making in a post-digital culture. As an educator, Dr. Hodgson creates courses, designs workshops, and builds other learning experiences intended to extend student/participant capacities into and across digital media platforms (ranging from learning the basics of video production and image creation to more advanced nuances of digital storytelling and experience design). He is a husband and father of two, and shares various musings (with varying [in]frequency) at