Webinars & Workshops

As a webinar and workshop leader, I have designed and led a diverse array of professional development experiences. These have included traditional technological training sessions, all day events that focus on developing pedagogical practices for bringing digital media into the classroom, and one or two hour sessions geared toward improving accessibility in the classroom (among other considerations). I try to customize each event for the target audience, but larger webinar/workshop engagements tend to operate with a fixed set of outcomes and goals (often wrapped in a narrative arc).

Most recently, I have been working with Adobe to deliver the first ever Adobe Creative Campus Digital Literacy Cafe: “Digital Literacy and The Myth of Expertise: Finding a Way.” That event, while technically a webinar, is designed as a multitude of conversational paths (each ripe with a set of considerations for bringing the digital into the classroom). Thus, the goal is to foster a multi-configurable, online conversation rather than a unidirectional lecture.

If you would like to know more about my webinars and workshops (content, availability, etc.) please send me an email at hodgson@indiana.edu. Or click here for my full contact information.