10 Essential Moves – Adobe Rush

Last Friday I kicked-off the “Media March” segment of the Digital Gardener Faculty Fellows program by guiding the digital gardeners through 10 essential moves for making videos with Adobe Premiere Rush (see link below for Express Page guide for the event). The goal of the workshop (or rather workshops, as we run one in the morning and one in the afternoon) was to introduce faculty to the basics of video editing and also offer some key insights on the core techniques for creating simple academic videos (concept videos, explainer videos, etc.). As it was a virtual experience, I took the first 35-45 minutes to demonstrate all the essential moves (showing them the moves and what they look like) and then invited them to spend the next 35-45 minutes working through the moves themselves, asking questions, and the like. While a few did work in Rush during part two, most wanted to engage in conversation about video work–from editing techniques to pedagogical use, recording equipment to suggestions for capturing quality audio/video materials to edit. This was in keeping with many other virtual experiences I’ve had in leading workshops like this, but the richness and depth of the conversation after the demo never ceases to amaze me. It really is one of the more enjoyable parts of leading workshops for faculty.

In any case, the workshop last week serves as a kind of precursor to our engagement this week, when Kelley School of Business faculty Sarah Smith-Robbins will lead the digital gardeners through the basics of Playposit–a dynamic platform for creating interactive, video-based, learning engagements.


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