Articles, Projects, & Chapters

As a digital rhetoric scholar, the work I produce takes form in both traditional print media and performative digital engagements. Below is a list of my publications, with the * designating those that have been through peer review.

* “A Post-Production Turn: New Media, New Practice, New Ontology.” Textshop Experiments, 5 (Summer 2018). <>. [Video]

* “What is Rhetorical about Digital Rhetoric? Perspectives and Definitions of Digital Rhetoric.” Co-Authored with Scot Barnett. Enculturation, 23 (November 2016). <>. [Web]

“Post-IDRS15: Seeking What is Rhetorical in Digital Rhetoric.” Hack & Yack Series, Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. (May 4, 2015). Co-authored with Scot Barnett. <> [Web]

“IDRS Introduction.” Hack & Yack Series, Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. (April 7, 2015). Co-authored with Scot Barnett. <> [Web]

* “Scholars | Digital Representation | Publishing.” Composition Studies (Spring 2014). [Print]

* “Walking in the (Electra)City: A Fevered and Frivolous Spectacle.”  Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy (Spring 2013).  <>. [Video]

* “Designing a Course-Game: Developing and Extending Gaming Pedagogy.” In Rhetoric/Composition/Play through Videogames. Eds. Matthew S. S. Johnson, Richard Colby, Rebekah Shultz Colby. Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.  2013. [Print]

“The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects: Making The JUMP to Multimedia Scholarship.” In How to Start an Undergraduate Research Journal. Ed. Alexis Hart. Council of Undergraduate Research (2012): 67-70. [Print]

* “Making the Jump: Digital Publishing and Collaboration.”  EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 34.2 (Sept. 2011). <>. [Multimedia Webtext]

* “The Importance of Undergraduate Multimedia: An Argument in Seven Acts.”  Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, 16.1 (Fall 2011). <>. Collaboratively authored with Scott Nelson, Andrew Rechnitz, and Cleve Weiss. [Interactive Media]

“The ‘Becoming-Contested’ Spaces of Publication.”  The Scholar Electric. (Mar. 14, 2011). <>. [Web]

* “Reculturalizations: ‘Small Screen’ Culture, Pedagogy, & YouTube.”  Enculturation 8 (September 2010). <>. [Web]

* “Digital Spectacle and the Production of the Cultureal.”  PRE/TEXT: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory 19.1-4, (Spring-Winter 1998; in print 2009): 167-84. [Print]

* “Professional Rhetorics Course Design.”  Composition Studies 37.1 (2009): 101-25. [Online & Print]

* “New Media Scholars, Old Media Students: A Complicating of the Guard.”  Rocky Mountain Communication Review 6.1 (August 2009): 66-70. [Print]