The Frazzled Teacher Podcast

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of joining “The Frazzled Teacher Podcast” hosted by Tommy Renfro to talk about teachers, technology, and pandemic/post-pandemic transitions (into new practices and back to old). It is a fun podcast series that examines the challenges teachers (K-20) face on the daily basis, and in my episode, we focused on thinking through some of the hesitancies with bringing technology into the classroom.

While I don’t want to give away the entire episode, as I want readers to check it out, subscribe, follow, and the like, there was a really personal touch in the beginning as Tommy asked questions about the teachers who influenced me over the years and what made them have such an impact. It is a small thing, but that simple inquiry served as reminder for me to appreciate all the great teachers (formal and informal) I’ve had over the years.

In any case, if you have 30-40 minutes to spare in the next day or two, you might give The Frazzled Teacher Podcast a listen.

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