3 Approaches for Digital Literacy Integration

Yesterday (2/4/22) we had the second event of our pilot professional development initiative, the Digital Gardener Faculty Fellows program. For this second event we focused on sharing faculty and student perspectives and offered a few key strategies. To be fair, the student stories stole the show, and I hope to find a way to reproduce/feature those narratives as part of the larger stories we tell about (and through) the Digital Gardener Initiative. But as part of the curriculum for the event, I was able to put together a quick version of a set of ideas (i.e., 3 approaches to integrating digital literacy) I’ve been tinkering with for a while–as part of my ongoing book-length project on Post-Digital Learners (and the impact/value of digital literacy, digital creativity, and digital learning across the curriculum).

The basic premise is that as faculty there are really just three primary ways we can integrate digital literacy into our courses: activities, assets, and assessment. Or more expansively: we can

  • create in-class activities that leverage digital technologies as being integral to the learning experiences we design and the kinds of course content engagement we seek with students,
  • create instructional assets to help aid students as they work through course content and practices, different ways of knowing, disciplinarian perspectives, etc.
  • design assessments (i.e., assignments) that invite students to create a particular kind of output that allows instructors to assess learning and development. These assessments, of course, can range from low-stakes activities (e.g., SSS Vlogs) to capstone projects, but what matters is not the digital component itself, but the ways in which digital practices (and mediations) enable students to not only learn, but to demonstrate that learning.

Anyways, I created an Adobe Express Page that offers a kind of first-take articulation of this thinking (include samples/examples). It is a modification of the larger agenda from our second DGFF event, but I wanted to share it here.


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