Multimedia Writing in Classroom

In this section of the site, I want to focus more narrowly on including multimedia writing (digital writing/digital creativity) into the classroom. This will range from in-class pedagogy to course design considerations, with the goal being to provide some level of guidance for the what, how, and why of these matters (as well as some critical considerations within the practices themselves).

As a personal orientation, I do not believe one can, with much success, just patch media into the classroom. The technologies we use, the digital creative platforms we employ, and the productions in which we have students engage all take place as part of an intricate rhetorical ecology, with the multitude of elements being necessary to any critical level of understanding students might develop. But, as with all complex things, one has to start somewhere, and there are a variety of simple first steps that can help introduce digital writing to a class and put them into a positive relationship with working with/thinking through digital media. To this end, the first two posts in this series are The Platform Swap and P2 MEdiation (or, in long form: Using the Personal & Pedagogical to Develop Expertise).