As a professional who operates both in academia and industry, I tend to focus on innovative pedagogy and the design and deployment of digital literacy, digital learning, and digital creativity across the curriculum — one foot firmly in higher education, the other in a range of edtech (technology and learning) conversations. As an academic, I have published on my own experimental course designs and learning experiences, served as project lead (and later director) for the online component of a nationally recognized writing program (2019 CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence), and founded and managed a journal focusing on multimedia projects and pedagogy, among other engagements. As an industry consultant, I have worked with publishers, learning suite organizations, creative technology companies, and technology and learning specialists, all with connections to digital initiatives on a range of campuses (from community colleges to regional campuses to research intensive universities). This has provided a rich set experiences and opportunities that have extended my research and helped me learn to translate scholarship for a wider range of audiences (from instructional designers to CIOs, adjunct faculty to Provosts and Deans).

As a consultant, I bridge this academic and industry divide by identifying and leveraging best practices for stakeholders on both sides. This includes not only working from general principles and theories, but also developing customized solutions and approaches for the affordances/constraints of clients and institutions.

My experiences as a consultant range from providing one-on-one training with individual instructors and course designers to helping developing strategies for teaching (and teaching with) technology; from offering customized approaches for online instruction to working with a Fortune 500 company to help extend its impact at colleges and universities.

If you would inquire about a consultation (areas, practices, content, availability, etc.), send me an email at Or click here for my full contact information.