Digital Writing (AC)

Image of people working on computers around a table

Knowing, doing, and making with technologies is at the root of everything I do as a professional. I am an advocate for the inclusion of multimedia writing in just about every kind of classroom and learning situation. Thus, the “AC” in the title refers to “across the curriculum,” which is an initiative with roots in the history of writing studies and higher education. I’m borrowing it here as a framework for the content in this website as much of what I try to demonstrate (and teach) is how “digital writing” has increasing value in different industry and academic settings. The materials herein, then,  are designed to address a range of considerations within this framework: providing introductory orientations and operative perspectives for bringing in and working with digital writing technologies, developing assignments and assessment procedures for multimedia practices, and offering critical and creative reflections on the process and impact of working with “the digital” as a scholar/teacher.

Now, “digital writing” as I am loosely employing it here is meant as an umbrella term,  encompassing everything from writing activities associated with contemporary digital spaces (blogs, wikis, social media streams, etc.) to the technical and artistic considerations of making videos, or from producing digital training materials or play guides (e.g., let’s plays) to designing web texts or multimedia presentations, or from making video games to building mobile applications. This framework, then, is wide in scope and genre, which is why the subsequent pages offer a more narrowly focused perspective. For example, in the multimedia writing section, I detail strategies or guides for bringing multimedia work into the classroom, which ranges from producing scrolling Adobe Spark pages to the production of interactive web texts. Or as another example, the digital storytelling page offers guidance not only on the basic considerations of digital storytelling but also the rhetorical implications of blending text with image with sound with video with hyperlinks (i.e., workmen from a relational, if not ecological orientation to making meaning).

Sections/Subpages (Current and Forthcoming):
Multimedia Writing in the Classroom
Video Essays (To speak or not to speak)
Remix & Remake (archival intervention)
Expository Podcasting
Digital Storytelling
Teaching with Technology
Photoshopping & Figuration
Assessing Multimedia
Workflows & Adobe