As an academic, I routinely engage in speaking opportunities that are integral to sharing my research and in-progress thinking. But I have in the past couple of years expanded into professional speaking engagements. These range from delivering guest lectures on digital publishing and digital scholarship to giving presentations on the practices and principles of gaming pedagogy. More recently, I have been invited to speak on the impact of digital writing on undergraduate work/development as well as the role creative technologies can plays on campus/student readiness for the workforce. Thus, as a professional speaker I focus on digital literacy, digital creativity, and digital pedagogy (broadly construed), sharing stories of student engagement and discovery through creative media. Moreover, I leverage my experiences as the editor of The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects, my curriculum design work as the Director of Online First-Year Composition, and my research into rhetoric, technology, aesthetics, and pedagogy, to craft story-based, yet research-infused presentations.

If you would like more information about my work as a professional speaker (content, availability, etc.), please send me an email at hodgson@indiana.edu. Or click here for my full contact information.