New JUMP+ Logo

After some notable measure of internal deliberation, I decided to once again alter the branding of The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects. We rebranded a few years back as the site moved from its home at The University of Texas at Austin (in the Drupal platform) to the new site (run on the WordPress platform). However, after the past few years of operations, I’ve come to realize that the addition of the plus to our site and logo signals not only the represented an expansion of what we had previously done, but invites an opportunity to drop the “the.” Thus, as part of our remaking of our brand, I’ve dropped the “the” and created a new logo (above) that I hope will help us better represent, market, and grow the JUMP+ site.

Part of our future vision includes building a more robust social media presence (and thus part of the need for a better visual brand), as well as developing a pedagogy commons, where we can feature key lessons, activities, and engagements to help others find their way into the land of multimedia (and bringing digital literacy and/or digital creativity into the classroom).

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