Transitioning Online

In light of COVID19 and Indiana University’s decision to move all classes online from Spring Break to at least April 5, I’ve been helping folks make the transition to teaching online. As part of that work, this page is an in-progress spot for me to share links, tips, projects, and the like. My hope is that over the next 2-10 days, I’ll be able to more fully develop the resource list here. However, for now, the first two entries in my series are (1) a guide on How to Integrate Zoom into Canvas (specific to IU, but perhaps more widely applicable) and (2) a Zoom-to-Rush workflow (for recording video in Zoom and editing it in Adobe Rush).

Transitioning Teaching Online: A Basic Primer

How to Integrate Zoom into Canvas (a Spark Page guide)

Zoom-to-Rush: A Digital Pedagogy Workflow (a Spark Page guide)
– Also, here is a link to the related video orienting the guide itself, which comes from Episode 2 of Making the Jump: a video series on innovations in digital higher education)

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