Talks & Workshops at Hofstra University

A week or two ago, I had the privilege of visiting Hofstra University to give a public lecture (focusing on the value of digital literacy / digital creativity in the writing classroom, higher education, and beyond) and to deliver a series of workshops on Hypothesis, Adobe Creative Cloud, and integrating digital literacy into the curriculum (part of which I posted about here). It was great to once again be out and about in the world, to engage colleagues in conversation, and to share my work–which increasingly sits on the edge between academia and industry. The entire trip was just refreshing, and the folks out at Hofstra were kind of enough to allow me to set up and virtually participate in two Adobe EduMAX events while I was there (telling the IU / Adobe story and leading a workshop on Adobe Premiere Pro).

As it was the first flight/work trip in over a year, I decided to commemorate the even with a little 45sec video. I wasn’t able to capture all the fun, nor all the engagements, but I wanted to try to create a little something in honor of the opportunity. Plus, I also wanted to play around with some Adobe Stock assets and this seemed like a wonderfully low-stakes instance where I could have fun, play around, and see what came out.

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