Digital Gardener Faculty Fellows Program

Over the past year I have been working with Julie JohnstonAdam Maksl, and a range of amazing colleagues in UITS Learning Technologies to help create a system-wide, all IU digital literacy, digital creativity, and digital learning initiative. I’m excited to announce that our vision (and faculty-led, grassroots approach) has gained traction and this semester, with support from AVP of Learning Technologies Jay Gladden, I get to co-lead the IU Digital Gardener Initiative ( 

Through programming, development events, relationship building, and support efforts, DGI is focused on: improving faculty, student, and staff digital literacy skills, helping to better integrate digital creativity into the curriculum, and fostering a culture committed to building better learning experiences. While my responsibilities will range across faculty, student, and outreach components (K-12 opportunities; industry / community partnerships), the primary focus this spring is the launch of the DGI Faculty Fellows Program: a semester long faculty development experience made possible by UITS and a development grant from Adobe.

So stay tuned, as I’ll be adding updates and stories, snippets and assets about our programs, goals, and efforts this semester – sharing this exciting journey of cultivating digital literacy and digital creativity across #AllIU.

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