Projects in Digital Literacy & Composition

I’m trying something a little different this fall: a collaboratively-designed/team-taught first-year writing course that brings together digital storytelling, immersive / experience design, archival research, and a mentor/apprentice instructor model. I put together a brief overview of the course (Projects in Digital Literacy and Composition) but the basic premise is that students will work in teams (groups of 30 or so) to rebuild IU Bloomington campus buildings in Minecraft EDU and then embed/link content in that space to add depth and complexity to the buildings. Linked content will include personal connection, scrolling digital narratives; research-intensive essays; interactive digital magazines; and podcast stories or short video documentaries).

It’s something like: #firstyearwriting meets #activelearning meets #digitalliteracy meets #adobecreativecloud meets #minecraftedu meets #IUArchives. That’s a lot of “meets.” I’ll keep you posted as things unfold.

Instructional Team: James Benjamin Boisvert-Storey, AC Carlson, Sarah F.

To learn more, visit full Adobe Express Page here:

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