The Importance of Multimedia

TheImportanceofUM1This project, “The Importance of Undergraduate Multimedia: An Argument in Seven Acts” was published in 2011 in Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy (Issue 16.1). Originally I had been invited to do an interview for this special issue on undergraduate scholars in writing, but instead I decided to go a different route. Working with three graduate student co-authors/collaborators (Scott Nelson, Andrew Rechnitz, & Cleve Wiese), we asked several individuals to respond to the prompt: “What is the importance of multimedia for undergraduates today?” Then we took those audio (or audio/video) recordings, cut them into impactful chunks, and they created audio and visual elements to enhance and extend their implications. The result was seven “acts” (framed by an intro and outtro) that explore the multivariate significance of multimedia work for undergraduates today.

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