Video Book Report (Space Brat 2)

A couple years ago my oldest had to a do a book report (of sorts) as one of his 3rd grade assignments. One of the options was to do something like a commercial/book report for the reading. And so, after some conversation about what he had in mind, I guided him through the production of a script and storyboards for a short video. We set up the video, got the actors (he and his little brother) ready to go, shot the scenes (multiple times) and then worked on the product in post. To be fair, I did the bulk of the driving in Premiere Pro, but he guided the design decisions (pan/zoom) as well as audio effects. I use this short film in classes from time to time to show students that even though they may lack certain levels of technical know-how, that they, like my now third grader, possess certain attunements to how filmic processes and audio/visual writing work to create meaning.

Note: The one area I fully interceded was in putting the school logo onto the final project.

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