Rhetoric & Media Microvlog (a return?)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to make my work and/or my practices as a rhetoric and media scholar more public facing: i.e., to push my work out to (and through) the various networked ecologies of the post-digital world (social media, blogs, websites, apps, and the like). And this inclination to share my work with both expert and non-expert audiences got me thinking about the RM100 series I played around with a few years back. The basic gist was to do a series of micro vlogs (100 seconds or less) that explored the intersections of rhetoric and technology in relation to knowing, doing, and making (with a particular tint toward pedagogy). While it did not fit into my plans back then–at least not in relation to tenure and promotion dynamics–it is an idea I am considering returning to as I think there is an increasing need for these kinds of engagements. But while I decide and/or rethink how best to approach the new iteration, below is the first test episode I created back in 2013. Enjoy.

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