L504 Video Work

The video above is of a talk given by Carolyn R. Miller at Indiana University Bloomington on November 5, 2013. The talk itself was rich and engaging as always with Dr. Miller’s work, but it afforded an opportunity for my English L504 Graduate Students to put the practical skills they were learning into action. In that practicum course, we were exploring the intersections of research methodologies and digital media technologies, with video and audio production key among those considerations. As such, we asked Dr. Miller if we could film her talk and produce it for a wider audience and she graciously allowed us to do so. It was a team effort (in both execution and design, from pre- to post-production), but the final project came out pretty well.

And I would like to once again extend my gratitude to Dr. Miller for allowing my class the opportunity to use her talk and visit to campus as a learning opportunity. She provided the students in that L504 course an opportunity to put into action many of the theoretical and technical principles we had discussed.

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