Just some drafting (a video intro)

Next semester I am planning to launch a new video series exploring sort of all things digital in relation to teaching and learning in higher education. It is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while — sort of like a cooking show meets a talk show meets a variety show. The goal is to not only provide some basic guides and advice for how to bring more digital writing/making/learning activities into the higher education classroom (from think pieces to interviews to how-to guides), but to really try to make some of the cutting edge practices I get exposed to with my work at TheJUMP to a larger audience. To this end (and because I needed a bit of a creativity outlet to break up the intensive labor of end-of-semester grading), I put together this first draft of the visual intro to the project. It may still change quite a bit from this, but I like this version enough to share with the world.

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