Adobe Education Leader

Back in November, I officially became an Adobe Education Leader, which is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I have long been an Adobe enthusiast, using various Adobe platforms in my classes (with Photoshop being a staple of nearly every class), and by becoming an AEL I now have increased access to an amazing community of teachers and industry professionals who all have their own tips, strategies, quirks, and experiences for working with and teaching digital media, digital literacies, and the like. I hope to take advantage of this opportunity not only by learning from this community (, but by finding ways to share these innovative practices with others. This is , of course, part of the purpose behind the video series I am working on (in conjunction with my efforts at TheJUMP+), but also central to what I see as the next great wave to hit colleges and universities. In the same way that writing-across-the-curriculum (WAC), writing-to-learn, and writing-in-the-disciplines (WID) became a critical element of higher education in the last decade or two of the 20th century, I believe developing digital fluencies (from analysis to authoring) with various media (social, production, informational, and the like) is critical to the shape of education in the next decade. And one way I want to participate in that movement, that initiative, is to help others develop the ability (and agility) to bring digital practices to bear on their courses, their pedagogy, and their practices. Being part of the Adobe Education Leader program is, then, one more step toward making meaningful contributions to a digitally infused (if not post-digital) higher education.

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