WFF 2019 – Presentation

For those attending my presentation today at the World Future Forum (Palmer House, Chicago, IL), below is a link to the various pages and projects I will share.

From Adobe to Assessment: Bringing Digital Literacy and Digital Creativity into the Curriculum

Co-presenter – Jill Gray, Senior Customer Service Success Manager-Education for Adobe

Go to — Event Code: WFF2019

Digital Literacy & The Myth of Expertise: Bringing Digital Literacy into the Classroom

Rhetoric, Play, & Games Course Website

The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects
– Tanya Patel’s –10 & 2, Are You? – interactive media project
– Andrew Williams – Picture Perfect – video (a remix project)

Tianqi Cai’s – Winter in My Community – video essay

Emily Schlangen – Adobe Spark – Brand
Emily Schlangen – Adobe InDesign – Resume

Adobe Education Exchange
my page at Adobe EdEx

Adobe Creative Cloud (and Digital Literacy) for Education

Todd Taylor’s Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Students and Teachers

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