Integrating Video into Digital Narratives

One thing I encounter with increasing frequency, particularly when teaching students to bring media assets into their writing (as part of the affordances of various digital storytelling practices and platforms), is the ‘out-of-nowhere’ video embed. You’re reading along about a family owned apple orchard, inundated with anecdotes and beautiful fall visuals, only to encounter a 37 minute video about a barn cat. Wait, what? Exactly. Just because we can embed videos into our digital stories, doesn’t always mean we should. But more to the point, when we do add things like video into the narrative experience, we need to build the bridges for readers. To this end, the video above, “Apples & Cats: Integrating Video into Digital Narrative,” introduces my 3Cs approach to this process. Specifically, it provides a quick overview of the importance of Context, Contribution, and Consideration when adding media to one’s writing. I intend to do a longer post, via Spark page, as an additional resources on this practice and activity. But check out the video and let me know what you think!

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