Print-to-Digital CV

A few weeks back I was talking with students about how they should be intentional with matters of design and delivery when it comes to how they represent and share their experiences when applying for jobs. In particular, we talked about (a) creating a visually appealing 1-page resume and (b) taking advantage of making an online resume via Adobe Spark Page. They were receptive, even excited about the idea, and then (as students do) immediately asked to see my versions. And I had nothing to share. I’m an academic and we use curriculum vitas (CV) instead of resumes. These documents are often long, structured, informative, and relatively plain. In fact, I have even coached to take some of my design elements out of my CV and allow a plain-text kind of representation to drive the information. And as I started to explain to students why I didn’t have these things, I realized these were just excuses. So, being a proud member of the ‘practice-what-you-preach’ club, I took up the challenge. CV

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