Distinguished Speaker event @ Clemson University

Last week I had the honor of being the inaugural speaker for the Clemson University RCID Program’s Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series. It was a wonderful opportunity to get back to Tiger town, take in a football game, and catch up with friends and mentors. But more importantly, it was great to meet with so many current students in the RCID program, which continues to grow and evolve in really dynamic ways. I am increasingly proud to be an alumnus of that program, and it’s future certainly looks bright.

In addition to the fanfare of homecoming weekend and being able to network with current students and faculty, I was also happy to share my research with them. My talk, “Post-Digital Rhetoric & Reconfigurations,” provided something of a crash course introduction to my book, Post-Digital Rhetoric and the New Aesthetic. The time frame prevented something of a deep-dive, but I did try to highlight how shifts in human-technology relationships fundamentally alter how we think about the doing of rhetoric in the 21st century. More specifically, I introduced the four contours of the New Aesthetic and tried to situate how they can inform contemporary digital practices.

All in all it was a really great experience, and I just wanted to send out a huge “Thank you” to RCID Director Cynthia Haynes and RCID program faculty Jan Holmevik for the invite and the hospitality.

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