EduMAX 2019

As a Digital Literacy Though Leader for Adobe, I had the privilege of attending the Adobe EduMAX conference again this year. It was a jam packed day of educators, IT professionals, administrators, and student success stories highlighting the impact and importance of Adobe Creative Cloud for higher education today. And though I am a frequent attendee at Adobe Creative Campus events, I never ceased to be amazed by the inspiring work of the presenters: from student stories like Valentina Arismendi and Hillary Andales to the cutting-edge innovation and implementation of Creative Cloud at the University of Utah and Clemson University. This year, at the end of the event, Professor Todd Taylor of UNC Chapel Hill (and Adobe Pedagogical Evangelist) asked us to create an image that captured a key line or thought that really stuck with us throughout the day. For me, that statement came from Mesa Community College student Jacob Barney, who shared his and his fellow students experiences of working in the New Media Lab with Professor Eddie Webb. At the end the presentation, he talked about the importance of having tools that sparked their thinking and that helped them bring their ideas to light, and then he said this phrase (riffing off the Washington Post’s ‘democracy dies in darkness’ line). And it seems to me that one of the more powerful things about digital creative tools is that they keep creativity and imagination in the light, at the forefront of human engagement and human stories. So, while the challenge was to create something in Adobe Spark Post, I took the opportunity to tinker with some different techniques in Adobe Photoshop and created this image. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I do like the kinds of things it wants me to continue to build.

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