Upcoming Workshop @ IC

In March (25/26) I will be making a trip back to my undergraduate alma mater, Illinois College (Jacksonville, IL) to deliver a brief talk at the Illinois College Undergraduate Conference on Writing. I’m really excited for this trip, as not only do I get to revisit campus and reconnect with faculty and friends, particularly Dr. Cynthia Cochran, but it is a nice full-circle moment as my first scholarly engagements began at IC, presenting undergraduate research to faculty and fellow students. It is just great to return, talk with the students, and try to give something back to the campus and culture that helped set me on this weird, wonderful path.

In addition to the speaking engagement, I’m also staying an extra day and leading a workshop on digital literacy, digital creativity, digital learning, and digital pedagogy. That is, I’m going to spend some time helping interested faculty at IC and MacMurray learn strategies for (a) integrating Adobe Spark (Page and Post) into their courses and (b) creating media workflows (Zoom-to-Rush) for adding pre- and post-class video engagements. Though it is a fairly compressed mini-workshop (75 minutes or so), I hope to attendees take away some new ideas to try in their own teaching practices.

The workshop blast and/or registration information can be found at justinhodgson.com/workshopIC. But the basic information is below.

Date: March 26, 2020
Time: 4:00 – 5:15pm
Location: Illinois College – Schewe Library 210
Contact: hodgson@indiana.edu

Critical and creative digital literacy skills can empower students to better engage course content, to discover new capacities for expression, and to learn to thrive (as thinkers, creators, and communicators) in a rapidly changing, digitally saturated world. But how do we respond to these skills? How do we integrate these capacities into our course curriculum? How do we design classroom activities to reach 21st century students? 

In this mini-workshop, Justin Hodgson, Associate Professor of Digital Rhetoric at Indiana University and Adobe Digital Literacy Thought Leader, will offer beginner-to-intermediate level approaches for integrating creative tools and technologies into one’s teaching. Specifically, it will focus on providing a set of guides for integrating Adobe Spark into the classroom, from course assignments to in-class engagement, and offer an easy-to-employ workflow for creating meaningful pre- and post-class video content.

The workshop is free, but space is limited. Register today to reserve your spot!

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