Keynote – TCCTA 2020

Title Slide from TCCTA Talk. Title reads: Empowering Students Through Creative Technologies: a digital literacy primer.

Today I delivered the Keynote at the 2020 Texas Community College Teachers Association conference, focusing on bringing digital creativity and digital literacy into the classroom. The materials for that talk (as well as my afternoon session) are below.

During my time at the conference, the most valuable element has been getting to talk to all the amazing educators at the conference–learning what they do and how they do it, and, where appropriate, helping them find ways to bring digital creativity possibilities into their pedagogy. Don’t get me wrong, the keynote was a great experience, and I am very appreciative of having the opportunity to share what I do with a room of a 1000 people or so, but spending time in conversation in the hallways and meeting with people in the exhibit hall has been inspiring. I’ve made a lot of great connections with faculty across the disciplines and I hope we get to continue our conversations after the event.

Thanks, TCCTA!

Documents & Project links | Luncheon talk
Empowering Students Through Creative Technologies: A Digital Literacy Primer
A text-version (PDF) of the talk

Tanya Patel, web text, “10 & 2, Are You” |

Tianqi Cai, video, “Winter in My Community” |
NOTE: This project does not have closed captioning.

Carolyn Ciolfi, Adobe Spark Page, “Mental Health on College Campuses” |

Andrew Williams, Video, “Picture Perfect” |
NOTE: This project does not yet have closed captioning.
Click here for Transcript with Textual Description of Visuals

Adobe Spark Page | Afternoon Session
Digital Literacy, Digital Creativity, & Digital Pedagogy: Embracing Failure and Empowering Futures

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