Ep.4 – Three Tips for Better Synchronous Online Video Classes

In this episode of Making the Jump, I provide 3 quick tips for improving your overall synchronous, video-based class experience. Those three tips include “Teach how you Teach,” “Include the Social 5,” and “Provide Pre-Class Prep,” and are collectively meant to make the online teaching and learning experience better for both teachers and students.

The idea for this episode stems from a colleague who, as part of higher education’s great transition to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recently taught her classes via Zoom video conferencing and wasn’t overly thrilled with the experience. She felt a little out of sorts and felt like the students were uninvolved, which was unusual as they were normally a really engaged class. So, after talking with her about her approach, I offered the following three tips to try to help improve the teaching and learning experience for all involved. And, as an extension of that, I wanted to share these same basic tips with all of you.

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