Adobe CCC & Rush Workshops

This spring, in addition to usual teaching and research work, I’ve also been fortunate enough to lead two Adobe Premiere Rush workshops for educators at virtual Adobe Creative Campus Collaboration events. These 2.5 day events bring in faculty, staff, and administrators from all over the US and many countries from outside the US and include:
– a welcoming social event,
– a full day of success stories about digital literacy and digital creativity in higher education (with perspectives from Provosts to Students, CIOs to Faculty),
– a full day of pedagogy and technology workshops centered around specific Adobe tools.

As a Digital Literacy Thought Leader, I have the opportunity to contribute in many ways, but the workshops are one of my favorites. During the first hour of the workshop the leaders demonstrate the moves, adding commentary for the what and why (personally and pedagogically) of the moves. Then in hour two, participants get in small groups with breakout leaders and work through the moves — asking questions and sparking conversation as they go.

Anyways, back in February I led a workshop on the 10 Essential Moves for Editing Video in Adobe Rush, with co-host Shauna Chung, and then just this past week I led a workshop on Leveling Up in Adobe Rush. The first was for novices, while the most recent was a sort of next-step for those who had a handle on the basics. I’ve done the first one a few times and so it is a bit more polished, but I really like the conversation and participation in this most recent “next steps” kind of workshop. In any case, for both sessions I created a Adobe Spark Page–providing textual and visual guides for the moves–and I just wanted to link them here to make them available to others. The second is still evolving and will get better (and hopefully more robust as I continue to add depth and new strategies), but feel free to make use of them and share them with others who might find them helpful.

10 Essential Moves for Editing Video in Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Leveling Up in Adobe Rush: Advanced Editing Moves for Adobe Premiere Rush CC

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