Digital Creativity Fall Program

As part of a series of efforts to make an impact in the digital literacy skills of students at IU and across Indiana, I’ve been working on creating a summer digital literacy/digital creativity program to start putting various ideas into action. Luckily, with support from the OEVPUAA and UITS, as well as Microsoft and Adobe, this year my team will be piloting the Digital Gardener-Lite program (5 Saturdays from 9/11-10/9), which is another offshoot of student and faculty digital gardener initiatives (coming out of the Idea Garden and UITS Learning Technologies). The program is a commuter camp offering an immersive digital literacy, digital creativity, and digital learning experience for select (i.e., only 15-18 ) high school students in South Central Indiana. It focuses on providing an introductory college experience while also helping participants develop digital skills and abilities.

This summer’s theme is Campus, Craft, and Collaboration, and was inspired by a program created by Drs. Jan Holmevik and Cynthia Haynes at Clemson University. Participants will learn about the IU Bloomington Campus and its history through its buildings and architecture. Then, working in teams, students will recreate select structures in Minecraft EDU and use those productions and other creative digital authoring tools to tell the stories of those structures. Participants will also be challenged to create a digital learning narrative of their team journey and their own experience.  

DG-Lite attendees will have the opportunity to learn with faculty, librarians, and teaching and learning staff, while developing digital literacy and digital creativity skills through creative techniques and technologies: i.e., ranging from building scrolling webpages and multimedia experiences in Adobe Spark to creating videos (from machinima to talking head production) with Adobe Premiere Rush. Additional components may include working with augmented reality technologies, engaging in makerspace activities, and/or engaging national experts in digital making, play and games, critical/creative multimedia storytelling.

The program is limited to 15-18 students this first year. As such, we are asking applicants to answer a few key questions on our applicant form to help us ensure a diverse pool of participants. That said, we welcome a range of students in the program, especially underrepresented populations in higher education fields related to digital creativity, games, and technology.

Applicants need not be high achieving students (GPA is not a factor), but rather:

  • students should have interest in digital tools and technologies, creative production, and/or games; 
  • students should have a sense of self-responsibility, as they will move about campus with limited supervision; and 
  • students should be able to / interested in working collaboratively.

Applications can be submitted until August 20, 2021.

To apply or nominate a student, visit:

When, Where, and Other
  • Saturdays, 9/11/21 – 10/9/21
  • 9:30am-3:30pm, IU Bloomington Campus
  • Lunches and Technology provided

For more information, visit the DG Lite page/pages on this site.

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