DGFF Fall 2022 Kick-off

Last Friday we kicked-off the second cohort of Digital Gardener Faculty Fellows (an event we hosted in SpatialChat). The first engagement I had them do was my Think-Pair-Make-Share activity, using Adobe Express. The fellows had to write down some ideas on how they defined digital literacy, pair up and talk about those ideas, identify a key “take away” or core definition (and write it down), and then they had to create an image representing/conveying that “take away” to others. Once they were done, they downloaded the Express image creations (as .png) and then pinned them to our Farmers Market sharing space in SpatialChat. Once pinned, I invited different faculty to share with us their image: what did you create? what does it convey? why did you do X or make design choice Y? The image creations and their explanations of them is how we facilitated the discussion. This remains one of my favorite teaching strategies, especially as an easy, low-stakes way to introduce some basic digital literacy / digital creativity skills.

While there were lots of creations I enjoyed from the group, the “Digital Literacy empowers Voice!” creation really resonated with me.

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