RCID (a primer)

More than a decade ago, I was in Tharon Howard’s Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Technologies course in the RCID doctoral program at Clemson University. One of our challenges in that course was to create a commercial (of sorts) for the RCID program (the first commercial, in fact, as my cohort was the inaugural group for the program). To that end, Amanda Booher, Mac McArthur, Xiaoli Li, and myself created the project above (focusing on one of Victor Vitanza’s favorite questions: What is your grund/abgrund?). While it wasn’t necessarily our first go round playing with different forms of media, it most definitely was our first attempt to collectively bring together our novice skill sets and turn them into something meaningful. Looking at the artifact now, it feels quite rudimentary. But it served, in many ways, as catalyst, launching quite a few of us into the realm of multimedia composition and/or the affordances of digital scholarship.

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