Last week I made it out to Denver for the annual EDUCAUSE conference. As part of the event, Adam Maksl and I presented a poster session on the Digital Gardener Initiative. It was a lot of fun to share our story. In our program we focus on putting people first, being pedagogically focused, and being purpose driven–the tools and technologies are secondary considerations. Because of this, our approach to cultural transformation (and not just digital transformation) really seemed to resonate with people. We have several ask how they can join/participate in the Digital Gardener program. Unfortunately, it is currently restricted to IU faculty/staff, but it did get me to thinking that offering a version of the program to non-IU folks may find a viable audience.

Nonetheless, one of the highlights of the event for us was that we were interviewed by EdTech Magazine about the Digital Gardener Faculty Fellows program and they created a short video on DGI (see link below). NOTE: To view the video requires you to provide an email address (as it is “Insider” content), but it is a simple process.


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