Digital Curriculum & App Innovation Summit

Today I’ll be co-leading a session, along with Adam Maksl, at the 1EdTech Digital Curriculum & App Innovation Summit. Our session, “Digital Literacy / Creativity: From Low-Stakes In-Class Activities to Building Programs at Scale,” will focus on strategies and approaches we use in our Digital Gardener Faculty Fellows program at Indiana University. Though, to be honest, this session will be fairly condensed. When we initially agreed to the event, we had a 90 minute session. Today we are operating in a 40min window. So while we will still be able to focus on a facilitating conversation for the K-20 audiences, I’m going to narrow the scope to just a Think-Pair-Make-Share activity (using Adobe Express) and offer gestures to a few other things folks might do to bring digital literacy into their work with students.

The guide/Express Page is below:

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