DG Summit Wrap Up

Way back in October I co-hosted the 2nd (now annual) Digital Gardener Summit at IUPUI. The event, which featured a keynote by Dr. Wanda White (Winston-Salem State University), workshops, and faculty and student success stories, had nearly 80 registered in-person attendees and over 70 online registered attendees. It was a fun day of conversation and community building, with both our in-person and online attendees getting to share ideas, see rich examples of what is possible in bringing digital literacy into our work with students, and talk about the value/importance of these skills for our students, ourselves, and our disciplines.

To help capture some of the event, I put together a post-event newsletter of sorts. It’s only 3-4 pages, but offers a fuller description of the event, the speakers, and the engagement. Feel free to download/read it here: https://lnkd.in/g7JR5eHK

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